Experience the authentic Japanese culture in Katsushika, Tokyo!

If you are interested in deeper experience and learning of Japanese culture and lifestyle, here is the place to find various programs to fill in your curiosity. Katsushika Rin has a variety of programs such as site tour, studio tour, Japanese cooking workshops, traditional craftsman workshops, and many more. Each program is specially designed to match the needs of visitors who are looking for authentic, profound, and rich contents of Japanese culture, which are not easy to access for foreigners.

Our unique programs will give you a lifetime experience and memory for your visit to Japan. Located in the east side of Tokyo, between the Tokyo central districts and the Narita Airport, the city of Katsushika is a convenient place to enjoy a day. Come to this historic city. Meet the craftsmen, experts in a tea ceremony, kimono, Japanese cooking, flower arrangement, and many more.




Katsushika Rin is a platform for all stakeholders who seek business, entrepreneurship, and social impact in the field of Japanese culture and its traditional craftsmanship in Katsushika, Tokyo. We offer various services and products for those who are willing to develop a business to promote Japanese culture. We encourage foreign entrepreneurs and students to utilize this platform to gain business experience as well. The platform is comprised of premier artisans and craftsmen, a various specialist in each field, and a network of abundant resources organized by Tokyo Fabhub and Being Company Limited, a local social enterprise in Katsushika.


We offer ideas, resources, places, products, and collaborative arrangements for companies, entrepreneurs, creators, designers, and anyone who seeks to involve in being a part of the Japanese Heritage in Katsushika, Tokyo. We also offer seminars, workshops, study tours, and various other activities for those interested in Japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship.

Creating Business Together

Katsushika Rin will work with retailers, shops, restaurants, museums, creators, and designers globally to bring the beauty and virtue of Japanese traditional culture and heritage.

Our Premier Partners in Katsushika

We are initially starting with six traditional craftsmen in Katsushika, Tokyo. Our intention is to expand the network to a variety of people, organizations, and other networks in Katsushika and beyond.

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A Hidden Gem in East Tokyo
As a part of Tokyo Metropolitan area, Katsushika is very convenient place to visit. Known as typical "shitamachi", a folksy place in semi-urban area, a place of tradition, heritage, and friendly people.
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