Katsutoshi and Kenji Matsuura, a father & son, are both recognized as a supreme traditional craftsman by the city of Katsushika for their outstanding skill and craftsmanship in engraving glasses.

Matsuura applies a sandblasting technique, a unique method to engrave glasses. It makes a satin finish on the surface by blasting sands on the material. Covering the surface with a plastic film with a design/pattern cut out, the blasted sand will engrave the exposed portion of the glass. By repeating this process several times, the final piece of work will be completed. As the design/pattern gets complicated and precise, the routine requires time and a delicate touch, which only the meister can control.

The beauty of the sandblasted glass is in its unique satin surface. Unlike the glass cutting method such as Venetian glasses, it gives a soft texture to the glass which highlights the fascinating contrast between the glaring part of the glass. The pressure and speed of sandblasting, the time of exposure, and the angle of blast change the deepness, the undulation, and the smoothness of the surface. Each piece is handmade and none is exactly the same.

Matsuura’s works are highly appreciated by many celebrities. They make special engravement on trophies for major sports tournaments and gifts for distinct occasions. The governor of Tokyo takes the works of Matsuura for her visits to foreign countries.

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