Build your business with Katsushika Rin Platform

Katsushika Rin invites serious entrepreneurs and companies that seek to build a sustainable business in the field of promoting Japanese culture in Katsushika, Tokyo.  We would like to partner with selective program organizers who can plan, arrange, and operate the program.  Rin will provide various supports such as resource arrangement, promotion through our website and partners, fee collection, and many more. Revenue sharing between the partners will be arranged.

Rin's model for a creative collaboration

Our aim is to provide various programs to the foreign visitors and students who are interested in learning and experiencing profound Japanese culture, especially in traditional Japanese lifestyle and craftsmanship. At the same time, we want to put emphasis on preserving traditional culture in Katsushika and revive the environment for the young generation to succeed and evolve it.

Katsushika Rin Platform is designed in such a way to bring more interest from various stakeholders, especially foreigners, to join the initiative. We hope to create a new business model for the sustainable local community.

Program Organiser

All the program provided by Katsushika Rin will be initiated and organized by the Program Organiser ("PO").   Initially, PO will be conducted by the in-house staffs and tested as a trial, and gradually opening the opportunities to third parties. Meanwhile, we will develop systematic ways to work with entrepreneurs.

Programs for students for seminars and workshops are open for proposals. Please contact us with any plan utilizing our platform.

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